SYNQ asset imports

SYNQ Media

White glove ingest service for VOD and Cable operators

Say goodbye to infinite mail threads on metadata outputs, file transfer solutions and debugging. We take care of video ingestion with our central repository for VOD content. Assets are easily accessible for distributors through our API with the outputs you expect.

SYNQ asset imports
SYNQ assets processing

Focus on content, let us handle the rest.

    • One single ingest point: No need for building custom integrations
    • Integrate with your existing solution or utilize our video storage, transcoding and delivery (CDN)
    • Unified metadata model: Pulls content information from a variety of sources and lets you retrieve the data you need


SYNQ assets processing

Content providers
Give your distribution partners access to your library easily.

Content distributors
Get instant access to the entire library using the developer-friendly SYNQ API.

Your audience 
Gets a better content experience.

The challenges

As a content provider, agent, aggregator, director, rights holder or distributor of video content and associated information you have probably experienced that the process of transferring and managing the content is often a tedious and unstandardized process. Setting up video ingest solutions and integrations, discussing video formats, metadata formats and so on takes a lot of time and resources that could be spent on creating the best experience for your end users.

Simple video ingestion & distribution

Integrations & Metadata control

We import your video library including metadata and subtitles and structure them into a collection of neatly packed video objects. New video assets or updates made on your end are automatically uploaded or updated in our database. All metadata is normalized.


All assets from content providers available in one place, in JSON via the SYNQ API. Access normalized metadata in your preferred format, high quality video assets, subtitles and images easily. SYNQ Media will notify your endpoints immediately using webhooks when new assets or updates to assets are available.

A complete video pipeline

Let us take care of your entire video pipeline, or just parts of it. We offer transcoding, DRM, origin management and Multi-CDN at competitive prices. Everything is made available via the SYNQ Video API.

Central repository for VOD assets

SYNQ Media provides a single central repository for VOD assets. The assets are easily accessible through our API with the outputs that you expect.

Access control & Dashboard

Give access to your entire library for your partners and customers with just a few clicks. Your partners can easily integrate with the developer-friendly SYNQ API to access all content and metadata. The SYNQ Media Dashboard gives you analytics on how your assets are being used. Revoke access to assets with just a few clicks. Your partners are immediately notified by webhooks when there are new assets, updated assets or revoked assets. All webhooks are logged to provide full accountability.

Extend your market

Find customers for your content in new markets. Our complete video infrastructure makes it easy for new customers to access your content library via the SYNQ API, where transcoded assets are ready to be delivered to end users on any platform.

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