Simple plans for everyone
Whether you are a small film production company or a large film sales agency, we have plans that suit every need. Our pricing model is based on how many titles you choose to manage with SYNQ Media and how many distribution partners you share your titles with.
SYNQ Media 20
Upload up to 20 titles 20 connections included
SYNQ Media 120
Upload up to 120 titles 120 connections included
SYNQ Media 1000
Upload up to 1000 titles 1000 connections included
SYNQ Media 5000
Upload up to 5000 titles 5000 connections included

One connection equals one title shared with one distribution partner. For example, if you have 20 titles on our platform and share 5 titles with 10 different partners, you would need 50 connections in total, subsequently requiring the SYNQ Media 120 plan.

We also offer annual plans, please get in touch if you would like an annual pricing estimate.

SYNQ Media 15000
Upload up to 15000 titles 15000 connections included
What is included?


We will support you throughout the entire process of moving your existing content library to the SYNQ Media cloud platform.


All your content and information (including video files, metadata, subtitles, images and more) is safely stored in the cloud and backed up. Everything is accessible anywhere.

Editorial control

Easily make changes to your metadata, source files, subtitles, poster images and more. Any changes or updates you make will be instantly reflected on your customer’s end.


SYNQ Media is able to handle all metadata in any format. We normalize your metadata to ensure that different naming conventions and data will be consistent within our system. You choose the fields of information you need in SYNQ Media.


In just a few clicks you can give your distribution partners access to all or parts of your content library. Your customers can access all files and information through our API, push the files automatically to their own FTP/SFTP-server or directly download files from our dashboard. Our content delivery networks make sure the data transfer speeds are optimized.


Invite as many users as you like to increase efficiency further and give your team full visibility across your entire content catalogue.


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